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Phlur + Impression Studios: A Shopify Website Development Partnership

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

About Phlur

Founded by Chriselle Lim, influencer and entrepreneur, Phlur is an eCommerce company that produces and sells fine fragrances responsibly sourced and formulated with sustainability in mind.

Phlur aims to formulate fragrances inspired by moments, memories, experiences, and feelings. They also make sure to list all of their ingredients, along with the origin of each ingredient in their fragrances.

With a wide range of fragrance product lines, Phlur needed a simple and responsive site that provided its shoppers with a great user experience. Phlur wanted to ensure the site was just as modern and intentional as their products.

a responsive website design for Phlur
Phlur's Simplified Product Page

Here are a few of Phlur's popular fragrances:

Phlur Ameline Fragrance
Améline Fragrance

Phlur is now a widely discussed fine fragrance brand with many publications and celebrities boasting about the amazing scents the company offers. Phlur has been mentioned in popular online publications such as Who What Wear, Glamour UK, and Refinery29.

You can find Phlur products on Amazon, at Sephora, and on the Shopify website for the most seamless shopping experience.

Impression studios + Phlur Website Development

Phlur’s goal with their new and improved website was to tell their unique brand story and to help guide customers through the user journey effortlessly, ultimately leading them to make a purchase with ease.

Using Phlur's design ideas, we helped them to code a simple and cohesive site on Shopify. Each perfume product on the site is displayed on a white background, ensuring the perfume is the only focal point.

With striking images of florals, people, and fantastic product shots, site visitors quickly click on CTAs and many of them become happy customers.

Responsive website design on Shopify
Phlur Hero Image

Responsive Website Imagery on shopify
Phlur's Clean Website Design

Phlur’s website matches its intentions with its clean design that boasts sensual and natural imagery with a muted color palette providing a fresh, luxurious, and curious feeling to site visitors.

Our partnership with Phlur continues as we support them with their front-end web development needs on an ongoing basis. Websites need constant upkeep and maintenance after the big launch or re-launch.

The best websites are functional, fresh, easy-to-use, and contain quality content. We help develop sites based on each brand’s unique identity and message. Working with some of the best small to medium business ecommerce companies on the web, we have created websites optimized for user experience.

Ready for a new site? Contact us today for an assessment of your current Shopify site and a quote.

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