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Saltair + Impression Studios: Shopify Website Collaboration

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

About Saltair

Founded by model, mom, and entrepreneur Iskra Lawrence in 2021, Saltair is a body care brand formulated with essential skincare ingredients such as nourshing oils and exotic botanicals.

The cruelty free, vegan, paraben free, and gluten free body care company is built on intention to deliver efficacious results with safety in mind. Saltair believes that every body deserves to know what they're putting on their body.

Some of the most popular Saltair products on its Shopify website include their Pink Beach and Santal Bloom line's body oil, lotion, and body wash. Customers can easily see rave reviews from real customers on the product page, with many of them citing the scents are addicting.

Here are a few of Saltair's bestselling and award-winning products:

Saltair began solely as an ecommerce company, with a website built on Shopify in collaboration with us.

Now, the products can be purchased on Amazon, in addition to Walmart and Target!

Impression Studios + Saltair Web Development

Saltair partnered with our team to develop a clean and fresh ecommerce site. Using their site design, our team coded the elements of the site to ensure its functionality and to enhance the overall look and feel of the website.

Some of the elements of the Saltair Shopify site include responsive elements, an accessible site guide, bold and beachy colors, animations, and a seamless checkout process that makes shopping online for body care products simple.

The site guides the users on a journey through Saltair’s great products and follows a simple and tasteful design– showcasing them as a mission-driven and inclusive body care company.

For example, take a look at the screenshot below. Saltair’s main menu is organized in tidy tiles that are easy to read and understand.

Saltair Website Development Menu on Shopify
Saltair Megamenu with Easy-to-Select Tiles on Shopify

The product page also has a prominent add-to-bag feature under each product that makes purchasing items simple. The shopper does not have to click on the product or search for the button. Once the button is clicked, a popup cart/bag shows up to start the checkout process and provides a subtotal for the shopper. This way, they are always aware of what is in their bag, how much it is, and they can easily checkout at any time in the same screen.

Saltair product page with responsive Add-to-Bag feature

We Proudly Partner With Saltair on Web Development

Saltair is one of the many merchants that we’ve helped on Shopify. With our expertise, your site will be optimized and ready to convert leads into sales quickly.

Contact us for a consultation today!

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