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How Impression Studios Website Development Enhanced the User Experience on a Body Care Website

Updated: May 19

Ecommerce websites need a consistent and user-friendly design to ensure visitors come to the site and explore the virtual storefront, potentially leading to a sale. Great websites also immediately let site visitors know what the brand is selling and how it can help the shopper within the first few moments of visiting the site.

Without physical products to touch, smell, feel, etc. before purchasing, a good or bad site design can make or break your ecommerce business. However, hiring a front-end web development agency can help make your site more appealing and increase your chances of having a successful Shopify site.

How We Met Saltair's Shopify Web Development Needs

We recently helped body care company, Saltair, develop its site on Shopify. By applying our top ecommerce web development principles and enhancing the visual appeal of the site, we successfully met Saltair’s unique website needs.

Saltair’s aim is to create compelling and sensorial products that work in a sustainable and effective way. Our aim was to help them put that on full display in the easiest way possible with our front-end website development offering.

With over 8 main personal and body care collections, Saltair needed an organized site with responsive dropdown menus and product descriptions. Their main value props needed to be showcased in an easy and eye-catching way that didn’t clutter the webpage. Our Impression Studios team communicated with Saltair throughout the process and ended up with a design that was as intentional and transparent as their brand.

Responsive Website Development - The Proof

Guided by Saltair's design ideas, we achieved an easy-to-use Shopify website by adding responsive elements, animations, and a seamless checkout process. The accessible site guides the users on a journey through Saltair’s great products and follows a simple and tasteful design– showcasing them as a mission-driven and inclusive body care company.

For example, take a look at the screenshot below. Saltair’s main menu is organized in tidy tiles that are easy to read and understand.

Saltair Website Development Menu on Shopify
Saltair Megamenu with Easy-to-Select Tiles on Shopify

The product page also has a prominent add-to-bag feature under each product that makes purchasing items simple. The shopper does not have to click on the product or search for the button. Once the button is clicked, a popup cart/bag shows up to start the checkout process and provides a subtotal for the shopper. This way, they are always aware of what is in their bag, and how much it is, and they can easily checkout at any time.

Saltair product page with responsive Add-to-Bag feature

Let Impression Studios Develop Your Shopify Site!

Saltair is one of the many merchants that we’ve helped on Shopify. With our expertise, your site will be optimized and ready to convert leads into sales quickly. Contact us for a consultation today!

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